Monday, January 11, 2010

Hobby Status

So, I've been planning to use the Lone Pilgrim Points tracker to track my painting progress in 2010.  It might not be perfect, but an imperfect system is better than no system at all.

I'll be tracking this progress in a Google Docs spreadsheet here: 2010 Hobby Status.

(I'm moving the link to the sidebar, as well.)

Because I professionally fetishize large heaps of data, I'm planning to try to expand the data I track: games I play and how much my collection grows and shrinks (stealing the idea from Jay).  Those sections are a dead and nonexistent (respectively) at the moment, but that's because I'm putting off playing and buying stuff until I'm more or less done with the Daemons.

Let me know what y'all think!


  1. You should track how much time you waste keeping track of it. I bet it adds up to a lot of time you could've painted or played games. :)

  2. Actually, no, it wouldn't. I've been messing around with it while I'm at work, when 1) occasionally need to do something to distract myself and 2) am unable to paint or play.

    In fact it's a good outlet simply because of #2.


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