Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting Progress - 20091116

As it turns out, painting the Hellpit Abomination isn't quite as much fun as assembling it has been.  I don't think I've ever painted anything this big that's fleshy and not tank-y.

I did knock out one (just one) of the new clanrats, mostly to see how it'd paint up.  Quite easily, as it turns out.  Easier than the old ones, for sure.

Hot potatoes!

Something I've been looking forward to doing for a while is lining up a bunch of clanrats next to each other.  From left to right:

  • A Stormvermin I painted in the early '90's ('93?  '94?).  I just thought Skaven looked awesome.
  • A clanrat I painted in college ('97-'98).  Never got up to enough models to play WHFB, but I tried.
  • A clanrat I painted when I realized I was arguably a grown up and I could afford to play mini games (late '05).  
  • A clanrat I painted over the weekend. :)  (See above.)

I've also converted up two Plague Mortar Teams.  I've painted one (clearly).

I've also started converting up a Warp Grinder.  Not sure that I'm going to use one any time soon, but why the heck not?


  1. I'm curious as to what you made the mortars out of, the Imperial guard mortar bit is obvious but whats the rest of it? And as for the Skaven over time, I love the way the new ones look, they are in my opinion the best skaven models too date, I just wish I could motivate myself to sit down and paint :)

  2. In #1, one is just a regular *old* PWG in the back and a Plague Monk in the front. The gas mask is a censer from the Dark Angels veteran sprue, the scope is from some Space Marine sprue (Command?).

    In #2, the guy in the front is from an old Jezzail (somehow I'd ended up with a spare stick holder). The mask is a vent from a Space Marine backpack.

    In both, the tank is a from a Cadian flamer, and the tubes wire from an ethernet cable.

    The new clanrats are really, really easy to paint. I was pretty shocked.

  3. Nice. I like the mortars. I'm going to see how mine play for the first time tonight.


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