Monday, November 2, 2009

Hell Pit Abomination, Part 2

I've made a point of making progress on the Hellpit Abomination every day, since I know it's going to take forever.

It is, indeed, taking forever.  I've got to work in relatively small patches (roughly 1"x1") for fear of smooshing what I'd just sculpted.  My hope is to have it done in time for the new armybook.  At the very least, it'll be done before I actually get to play with the new armybook.

Items of note: I added two scrabbly, tiny little arms up front.  I think they add a lot: it balances the model better, I think, and makes me think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I've added some buboes, of course, and sculpted the ears.  I'm not sure how I feel about the ears: individually, I think they both work well, but I'm not sure I feel that they go together.  It's complicated by the head being turned: I have room to put one ear back, but the other has to be folded, a bit, against the shoulder.

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  1. Great start man, I really dig those lil' stabby arms on there. The one ear we can see in these pics looks solid to me too, as does the tail integration so far.

    - Salvage

  2. I stole your original idea of using the D&D Otyugh! Check him out here:


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