Friday, October 23, 2009

Kroot Hounds

I'm trading off some stuff to help Chris build some neat Kroot Hounds and Fenrisian Wolves.   Talking about it made me think about my Kroot Hound conversions that I've started but never quite finished... and definitely never posted to this blog (since I did them probably over a year and a half ago).  So, here they are!

The bodies are skinks with their heads sawn off.  Kroot heads.  Dinky skink hands have been replaced with huge and menacing genestealer claws.  The end result are kooky and ferocious looking pygmy kroot.  Rar!


  1. It's stuff like this that makes me wish Kroot had their own army book. I love their fluff and how mutable they are. Hopefully the new Tyranid book will give a good Counts As basis! Nice figures, Rich!

  2. Now these guys look fun!
    Are you gonna paint them up?

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Casey: I'd love more Kroot options than Kroot, Kroot Hounds and Kroot-whywouldyoutakeus-ox. Part of me hopes that in the new Tau codex, we get more Kroot options; but the other part of me hopes we see even more vassal races.

    Esty: The six or so I have assembled are maybe halfway painted: but they've been that way for quite some time and will probably stay that way until I come back to playing Tau.

  4. They so cuuuuute!

    I was a bit put off at first by how much they look like kroot with tiny bodies and big hands, but they've grown on me since you first posted. The conversion is a good 'un, and I'm guessing even with 3 kits (!) being involved they still come out cheaper than the metal ones from The Dub ;P

    Also, count me amongst the fans of kroot, and I still want to do a pure Kroot force, when and if the mercs come back with a more viable force ...

    - Salvage

  5. Nice conversions! HA!

    For a fan-based Kroot Codex, check the excellent resource found at


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