Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hell Pit Abomination, Part 1

Finally got the head for my Hellpit Abomination last night: I had to trade an armored dragon's head for an unarmored one.

That accomplished, I quickly prepped and glued it last night.  This afternoon, I glued it onto the body.

The head is from the Hight Elf Dragon kit; the tongue is a spike from the Chaos Spawn kit.  The body belongs to a Stegadon and the arms are, quite clearly, from Rat Ogres.  The tail is a tentacle from the Lifeleech Otyugh I'd originally planned on using as my Abomination.

As you can tell, I'm going to need a great deal of greenstuff to make this work: to fill gaps and add hair.  I'll also have to do a bit of sculpting: I'll need to extend the rings of the tail up onto the model a bit, lengthen the claws to be wicked and ratty and sculpt some ears.


  1. Great start man, he's certainly going to be a beefy abomination! Good luck with the GS, should be fun times :)

    - Salvage

  2. When I saw your Lifeleech Otyugh... I didn't really get it. But THIS GUY I like! He looks like a proper Skaven Abomination to me :)

    Can't wait to see what you do with GS.

  3. I assure you, in my mind it was going to be epic.

    The GS is going to take forever; I expect I'll still be working on it this time next week.

  4. Wow rush, looks epic, I'm still set on making mine out of a corpse cart but the Steg was a great idea I didn't even think of man, and a great job on the conversion.


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