Friday, August 26, 2011

What to enter?

Now, I've got to figure out something I should have thought about a week ago: what models to enter for the painting and conversion judging.

Assuming the following:

Right now, for painting, I'm considering the two models that did well at the GD last year: the Doomwheel and the Warlord.

I'm leery of doing the Doomwheel, though, because of

I could also do my War-Litter Warlord or even my Warlock Engineer (both below).

For conversion, I'm considering my Facebook pseudo-internet-famous Hellpit, my War Litter, my Warlock Engineer or maybe a Mortar.

Leaning strongly away from those last two: the mortar's just too rough, and while the Engineer is fantastic, it's barely converted.  So, really: Hellpit or War Litter?
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