Monday, February 28, 2011

Painting Progress - 20110228

Just a quick update on what I've been working on.

A couple of years ago, I picked up some of the Mage Knight Dungeons Artifact sets on the stupid-cheap.  I've been using bits from there as objective markers ever since. On a whim, I decided to paint up one of them, to make it fit in with the cavern table.

I tried to give it some source lighting, but I don't think I was particularly successful.  This'll get used as a Mystic Monument for WHFB.

Had a super-lazy Sunday yesterday, which meant I got a lot of painting done.  Did a lot of work plugging away at the first octet of Pink Blood Horrors.  It's been inexplicably slow-going however.  Slow enough that I'm trying to decide if it'd be easier to just convert and paint four Flamers instead of painting a second octet.

They're coming out okay, though.

Finally, I got my order from Scibor in: I ordered some of their "Big Angels Shields" and, while I was placing the order, threw in some resin bases as well.

I probably should post about comparing resin bases from different manufacturers at some point.  Scibor's, I'm sorry to say, is the least impressive.

There was also a lot of flash on the shields.  So much so that I screwed up my first shield while trying to remove it.

Anyway, it does mean I was able to finish my third Belial.  Maybe I'll paint him after I'm done catching up with my Daemons.  Maybe I'll just go back to painting Skaven.

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