Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bloodletter Test Model - Opinions Wanted

I've had more fun playing with my Khornate Daemons than I have playing with any of my other 40K armies.  It's weird, but I've yet to have a bad game with them: I'm a far cry from winning all my games with them, but even my draws and losses feel so close that, a few days later, I couldn't even tell you if I'd won or lost the game.  I've got a list that, thanks to a lot of input from Casey, I'm quite satisfied with.

But they're wholly unpainted.  This distresses me.  I've been trying to work through how I'm going to do them for months now, experimenting on extra D&D minis I've got laying around... and I haven't been close to being happy with the results.

As I said a couple of days ago,  Ron from From the Warp posted his technique for painting pale skin that I'd been very interested in, since it was along the lines of what I wanted to do with my daemons.  I tried it out on a Vampire, and was happy with the results, but unsure of how it would look on a Bloodletter.

See, the thing is that I want to do something different from 99% of the daemon armies out there: Khornate daemons are always blood red.  I get that, and I get why.

I like the idea of making them look bloodless, like pale corpses.  This lets me then splash them with blood in different ways to make squads, Heralds, and models with Fury of Khorne stand out more.

 But I'd like to do something different because 1) I'd like my army to be somewhat more unique and 2) I think it opens up more painting options, different ways to differentiate between different squads of Bloodletters and such.

So, anyway, I finally decided to put up or shutup and give it a try to see what happened.  This is what I got.

I really started to have my doubts about halfway through.  In the end, I'm quite pleased with the results.  I like it.  I'm not sure if I'm actually going to go through with it for my Bloodletters, but I like it.  What do y'all think?

The flesh is done with Dheneb Stone, heavily washed with Ogryn Flesh.  I go back and paint Dheneb Stone over most of the model, and then wash it with a mix of 1:1:2 mix of Asurmen Blue wash, Devlan Mud wash and water.  Then I pick out the highlights with Dheneb Stone.

The horns and sword are black, then a highlight of 1:1 Black and P3 Coal Black, then a highlight of Coal Black.  The base is one of the textured plasticard bases I was talking about back in June (though I've since decided that, once I start painting this army, I'm going to base it with these temple bases that I've fallen in love with for Khorne) painted Shining Gold and washed with Devlan Mud.

I've definitely spotted a number of things I could do better with it.  For one, I clearly need to do some gap-filling.  The gap between the legs and torso and the one in the Bloodletter's forehead doesn't look so bad with bare plastic, but it really stands out on the painted model.  Easily fixed, though.

I also think I phoned it in on the black and brass.  

The black needs to pop more.  I think I need to blend up through Coal Black and not to Coal Black.  That's fine, though it'll take some fiddling.

I also need to do something more with the brass.  I'm going to experiment with doing a bit of patina on it, using Les Bursley's really awesome weathering wash tutorial as a start.  Brass doesn't patina the same way bronze does, but it still builds up a bit of something.

So, there's definitely room for improvement.  I'm very curious, though, as to what other people think!


  1. He's looking good, I dig the black weapons / horns and the blue tongue against that pale flesh. Funny thing, my own khorne demons are getting the same paint scheme - with the intent of being a) different and b) spattered with blood - but without the blue or the black weapons. Small world, eh? Though mine are the last edition metal SATAN ones, so all the hair makes them a bit darker over all.

    I agree that kr0n is a lot of fun to play, and that bloodletters are continually a bit frustrating ... I checked out your double 'thirster, double 'grinder list, looks pretty brutal. For the hell of it, I'm running this guy:

    Gorefiend - might
    16 Bloodletters - icon, fury
    16 Bloodletters - icon, fury
    8 Bloodletters
    8 Bloodletters
    Demon Prince - hide, might, breath
    Demon Prince - hide, might, breath

    I'm all about the bid dudes yelling at people until their heads pop ... though last game I played against mech tau (!!) they were really good at chasing down skimmers and yelling them to death too.

    - Salvage

    (sorry about the deleted post, it had some spelling stuff in it and I couldn't edit it out :P)

  2. Rush, remember I am not a painter, so I'm just reacting to what your goals are.

    But I'm not getting pale corpse. I'm getting close to a grey-skinned demon. It is good looking, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't strike me as a pallid, bloodless demon that's seeking blood. I'd almost say something with more white/light grey to it. Right now I'm getting stone demon from it.

    Hopefully this helps.

  3. I like it. It's a good concept for the army and it will stand out nicely. I see what you are going for, and I think you are really close. I think arash might have a point though.

    Have you tried the same scheme with Astronomicon Grey instead of Dheneb Stone? Maybe with the Thraka Green wash instead of Asuremen Blue? Or a little Bleached Bone highlighting? Or would that be a little too Nurgle looking?

    That weathering wash tutorial is nice. I've seen a similar one that goes for more of a rust color by mixing Scorched Brown, Macharius Solar Orange, and Gryphonne Sepia wash.

  4. I think he looks good. I like the brass and black weapon against the pale skin. It makes for a nice contrast.

  5. @Salvage

    I don't feel like my list is all that hard; I'm actually not trying that hard to make a balls-tough list. I just roll with the four biggies to offset the enormous handicap that comes from running mono-God.

    That's also an awful lot of Bloodletters. I've found myself very unhappy with the performance of the 8 and 16 sized BL squads: 8 isn't as survivable as 16, but 16 is EXTREME OVERKILL. Have you tried Flesh Hounds? Man, I love Flesh Hounds: their speed really gets them in to tie up threatening units and gives my Bloodletters time to run to battle.

    @Mike, Scott

    I'played around with Astronomicon Grey, and it's colder. Less flesh-y, and wouldn't really address Scott's comments. I think the only think that would would be to go back and do a layer of Dheneb Stone over the bulk of the model (rather than just the highlights) and then highlight with a mix of... I dunno. Dheneb Stone and Elf Flesh? Elf Flesh and white? I actually think what I've got is sufficiently corpse-like.

    Using green wouldn't help, either, I think. Should be cold, pale and bloodless. Green would make it look decayed, I think.


    Yeah, I think it that definitely helps the model. Wasn't my intention, but I won't complain. :)

  6. I like the color scheme. I think it works with your style of painting, close to the Dallimore style that Foundry uses, and it works well with that scheme. It'll look good on the table.

    I'd only suggest maybe doing a red highlight with the swords. They should pop a bit more, I feel, and would help tie the model together a bit more. Right now the model looks great but is holding something that's fairly dull looking. It shouldn't be dull, it's a HELLBLADE. Yours look closer to Purgatory Blades. They still look good, though, so I don't want you to take it as overly harsh.

    You're back to liking Flesh Hounds? I've tried them out some with my list and I think they're rad. It's one of those units that need to be played with before people make a judgment on them. I can't find room in my list for them, unfortunately, but boy do I like them. If they were troops I'd use them in a heart beat, though. I also agree that if you're going to handicap yourself by going mono god (unless it's a situation where a theme is ridiculously good already) that you shouldn't feel like an ass for running the good things from that theme.

    But yeah, I dig the color scheme. They look like ET when he was sick. Except instead of going home your guys just want to flip out and stack piles of skulls and drink blood.

  7. No, the Hellblades definitely need a bit more. A red tone would probably contrast well against the cold, fleshy parts. It's a good suggestion.

    As to Flesh Hounds, it took one game with two units of them for me to be wholly sold on them. They kill units pretty well, tie up units excellently, and fill an enormous gap in my armies' capabilities. If I were taking Slaaneshi units, they wouldn't be no-brainers, but right now every unit of Bloodletters in my list is a unit I wish were Flesh Hounds.

  8. I've tried Bloodletters and I've been underwhelmed with them. They kill Marines plenty good but they're slow and the lack of grenades means that Chaos Marines in cover have a decent chance of winning a combat when they're charged. At least with Flesh Hounds you can place them far away and not be shot up, or at least shot less so, and then have more choice in targets you wish to charge. Against everything except Terminators I expect you to do almost as many wounds once you factor in both of those.

    Sadly, in your army it's almost as if the Bloodletters are there to capture objectives whereas the Bloodthirsters and Flesh Hounds are there to actually do stuff.

  9. Rich, to help with the dead flesh look you are going for you might try starting with Leviathan Purple instead of a Light Grey. Purple under tones is the secret I use when painting my Nurgle Daemons. I helps wash out the skin tone and make it look dead, even if you highlight with warmer tones from there. Just a thought.


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