Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bonebreaker Rat Ogre & Look Out Sir!

Since there's been some discussion about it here and other places, I thought I'd share what we came up with re: the Bonebreaker Rat Ogre and Look Out Sir!

I guess the notion that the BRO removed LOS! stems from absence of a note about it in the unit description, while the War Litter has such a note.  This, coupled with its 4 wounds implying that it gets up to Unit Strength 5 (+1 from the rider), would lead one to think LOS! doesn't apply.

The trick is, however: the BRO isn't US 5.  Here are the relevant bits from the Unit Strength chart on pg 71 of the BRB:

Now, there's some debate over the correct base size for the BRO; whether or not it should be 40x40mm or 50x50mm.  I've based mine 40x40, since it'll rank up (and that's why I think they put the Pox Rat on a 40x40), but I don't think it's crazy talk to think it goes on a 50x50.

But I hope we can all agree that, although the BRO is "a prodigiously proportioned Rat Ogre," it's not going to be larger than a Dragon Ogre and it's not going to live in the same size category as a Stegadon or a Giant.  That, by definition, an Ogre is going to be "Ogre-sized."  (Because if it were larger than Ogre-sized, it'd probably be called a "Bonebreaker Rat Giant," right?)

That means it belongs in the first quoted category rather than the second quoted category.  This means the BRO is US 3, +1 for the rider, giving us US 4.  (As opposed to the second category, which would make the BRO US 4, +1 for the rider for US 5.)

As the model is merely US 4, it still gets to benefit from Look Out Sir!

3/8 UPDATE - From the new Skaven FAQ (dated 3/8/10):
Q. What are the Unit Strengths and base size of a War-litter? And what about a Bonebreaker?

A. For both models, we suggest using a Unit Strength of 3 (plus 1 for the Warlord), and a base size of 40mm square. However, do keep in mind that, as for all conversions, there are no strict rules about base size (other than: ‘Be reasonable!’), and that any forthcoming Citadel miniature might be different from this suggested size.
So, that settles it! (Until they change it.)  I'm glad; it was an unworkably terrible choice at US 5.


  1. I like the time lapse pics! Very cool and not many can show the same :D

  2. The unit strength is 5 newb, It counts as a mounstrous mount. which means you take its starting wounds and and the riders unit strenght.Ex. 4+1=5. learn to read. It does not benefit from the "look out sir" rule because it unit strenght is too high.

  3. Can you articulate your argument?

    Using grown up words?

  4. What he's saying, albeit rather rudely, is that under the "Trained Mount" rules, the Rat Ogre Bonebreaker follows all the rules for a Monstrous Mount as outlined in the Warhammer rulebook, with the exception of the units it can join. Under that, it would use it's starting wounds of 4 and add the rider to make US 5.

  5. You know, I think you're right. This came up on the IFL forum and I dismissed it for some reasons... but now that I've had a little time away from it, I think I have to agree that yes, that's probably how it's supposed to work (by RAW, at the very least).

    No small part of me thinks that it's not what's intended, and that the rumored 8th Edition will straighten it out. I'll try and update the post at some point soonish.


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