Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress - 20090901

I don't think I should call these posts "Painting Progress" anymore... I feel like I haven't actually painted in too long.

I did have a little free time over the weekend and was unable to motivate myself to do anything with my Daemons. I really need to knuckle down and come up with a paint scheme for them: I'm sure that, once I do, I'll have the army done in just a few months.

In the hopes of getting something done, I did some puttering with my Dark Angels.

I put some more effort into finishing off my Sternguard Veterans (they're just waiting on some studded pauldrons that should arrive any day now).

I also assembled two heavy bolter brothers and another devastator sergeant (I've had two assembled for quite some time) for a new Devastator squad. I started painting them last night.

I also fixed this poor assault marine: he'd been a bit too enthusiastic with his chainsword, holding it up higher than the trays I store my marines in were ready to allow. So, he got a new arm.

In other news, I'm officially cut off from buying more AT-43 stuff. I've got two Sierps, two Dragonov Kommandos boxes and two Dragonov Kommando Attachment boxes on order. That's more than I should have bought, but it's too late, now. (They're hard to find, which is my excuse.)
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